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No Contract Service!
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Start your new line of service using Selectel!
Great way to re-use your Verizon phone.
We are the only authorized re-seller of Selectel in the area.
Monthly service so you do not have to be tied down to a contract.
Port your current phone number
Prices subject to change without notice!


 Value/3G Only
 $15/month  300 minutes/Unlimited SMS Texts/
50 MB of Data
 4G LTE Plan
 $20/month  500 minutes/Unlimited SMS Texts/
50mb MB of Data
 Talk and Text
 $30/month  Unlimited Talk/SMS/MMS Texts/
1 GB 4G LTE/then 2G after
 $40/month  Unlimited Talk/SMS/MMS
3 GB 4G LTE/then 2G after
Data Users
 $50/month  Unlimited Talk/SMS/MMS/
5 GB 4G LTE/then 2G after
Unlimited Plus
 $70/month  Unlimited Talk/SMS/MMS/
7 GB 4G LTE/then 2G after
3G Yearly Plan
 $75/Year  2000 minutes/2000 text/
No Data

*Must have Data available to send MMS*
**MMS and Data are not guaranteed to work on phones that have been flashed.**
All plans are subject to local taxes.